Mobile Friendly Websites

If you haven’t heard about what is being called “mobilegedden”. Which is Google’s latest update to the search engine domination. Google has stated themselves that any website that is not considered mobile friendly will not be shown in the searches done with mobile devices. Google considers tablets, smartphones, and any other device that accesses the internet by a mobile type browser to be a mobile device.

So your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Microsoft Surface to a be a mobile device. That mean when your customers are on road or in their home using a mobile device to search for services or products, you may not be seen if your website is considered not “mobile friendly”. You can check your website out by visiting Google’s tool to see if your website is compliant here.

This could be considered one of Google’s biggest algorithm updates because of how many websites will be affected. If you are in need of a mobile friendly website we here a Bill Bowman Marketing can get you up and running with on in as little as 7 days! Email or call us today (888) 610 -5542 at  for a quote. And get compliant with a responsive mobile website.