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Video Marketing AgencyWe have just created a new Real Estate Agent Marketing Video. These new videos that we will offer to realtors on a limited area basis will help you secure new clients. These explainer videos have high conversion rates that will turn prospects into clients. They are engaging and informative and will help you get the message across to sellers and buyers who may be looking for a Real Estate Agent. Check out the demo below and find out for yourself if these can help you grow your business.


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If you haven’t heard about what is being called “mobilegedden”. Which is Google’s latest update to the search engine domination. Google has stated themselves that any website that is not considered mobile friendly will not be shown in the searches done with mobile devices. Google considers tablets, smartphones, and any other device that accesses the internet by a mobile type browser to be a mobile device.

So your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Microsoft Surface to a be a mobile device. That mean when your customers are on road or in their home using a mobile device to search for services or products, you may not be seen if your website is considered not “mobile friendly”. You can check your website out by visiting Google’s tool to see if your website is compliant here.

This could be considered one of Google’s biggest algorithm updates because of how many websites will be affected. If you are in need of a mobile friendly website we here a Bill Bowman Marketing can get you up and running with on in as little as 7 days! Email or call us today (888) 610 -5542 at  for a quote. And get compliant with a responsive mobile website.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses

When social media first began, it was all about blogging sites and MySpace. Soon, the birth of Facebook brought with it a sea change that revolutionized the way individuals used social media sites. Over the last decade, social media marketing has transformed the way that companies do business and interact with customers and potential customers.

It has taken quite a long time for many business owners to recognize that a social media site can be used effectively for promoting the company brand. When used properly, the power of social networking sites can quickly generate a plethora of new business while increasing the company’s productivity.

An Increase in Productivity

Research indicates that companies that utilize social media marketing tools boost their level of productivity far beyond companies that do not. Many businesses utilize social media marketing tools to effectively advertise the services and products they provide. Many online users turn to Twitter and Facebook accounts of companies instead of calling one 800 numbers to discuss issues with customer service representatives.

Social Media Marketing Agency

A Two-Way Street

Social media marketing has allowed the consumer to gain more power over the company’s a provide services and products. They do this by venting their frustration online using social media. In the open platform, businesses are more likely to handle issues with the services and products they provide in a timely and professional manner, openly on a social media site for everyone to see.

While at first blush this might appear to be a negative for the company, in fact the opposite is true. The quick and positive responsiveness of the company on an open public forum including Twitter and Facebook, and finding a quick remedy to a customer problem shows everyone looking that the company cares about the consumer along with the products or services they sell.

Other Valuable Content

Companies that tend to have low levels of success using social media marketing strategies are those that simply want to use social sites for promoting the company. By continually bombarding their social accounts with “buy now” advertisements endlessly, tend to turn off the audience, and have them stop participating.

Alternatively, successful businesses that use proven social media marketing strategies often blend in other valuable content to the blogging site, Facebook, and Twitter page. They provide essential information about things that are pertinent to their targeted audience, whether or not it results in a sale, or is even about anything the company offers.

They understand that the social networking sites are all about being social. They see the value in adding content, with links to sites not owned by them. This builds a significant trust with their customer base, and enhances their reputation as being an expert in a variety of fields.

Taking Criticism

One of the most effective social media marketing strategies is to use the websites to obtain valuable feedback from potential customers and existing customers. By using the blog is an online form, the company can listen to the opinions, ideas, and complaints of their customer base, and respond quickly to their needs and desires. This helps the business remains successful in the long run.

How to make Business Plans Work

If you want to make your business a successful one, you need to make business plans that work. Used as one of the most important and basic strategic plan, business plans are essential in the make or break goal of your company every month. The most valuable part in this plans are writing a powerful and compelling executive summary – that is, somewhat, much more important compared to strategic business plan itself. This is where the success of your company will rely on, so it is important to put your best foot forward in making this plan. Below are great tips to make your plan stick out.

Making sure your business plans work includes ensuring that your plan is brief, yet precise. As the word summary says it all, the executive summary output should not be a a lot more than two typed pages or if you chose to make it via power point presentation, it should not be more than 10 35mm slides. The next thing you should target on is pitching your company. Within the first portion of your executive summary, explain in just a few seconds, with 2-4 sentences if possible, the reasons why your company’s concept is compelling and just how effective your plans will be. Make it to a point that you clearly define your venture’s business design. Present a detailed outcome and show details the way you want to a great generate revenue in return.

Explain clearly the profits model of the company. Make sure to summarize and discuss briefly the company’s points and the way you intend to capture the clients, as well as their support to your business design in order to initiate growth. Describe the ways of network marketing one by one as well as the funnel partners and methods of each. Being precise and detailed is more than important in this area so you have to detail your marketing plan with transparency. Discuss in a way you intend to pitch your company to partners and clients together. Talk about what marketing channels and methods you intend to consider.

,p>Asses and identify the general size of your market and also the addressable market subset that you’re eyeing on. Try to identify what are the granular facets of your company that will drive it to growth and capture more revenue. Is possible, conduct a bottom-up analysis by determining the number of clients and just how much revenue you will be able to capture at least every month. Use the basics of supply key assumption figures so you can be able to estimate the revenue at the end of each month. Traders may also wish to know your very best estimations about current clients, future clients, and the price of customer acquisition with a specified period of time, which includes both now along and within a year from now. The typical sales cost of your products or services, the gross margin and also the internet margin of your products or services, and expected revenue within the next 12 several week should also be provided in this plan.

Free Email Marketing

Marketing a business through email is a welcome addition to the strategies that are available. There are different forms of services like these. There are even those that provide free email marketing services. There may also be services that are for a fee. Either way, you should choose which one is most suitable for you and more beneficial to your business.

Two types of email services for product marketing are available. One is with the use of an email service that you will maintain on your own. A personal email service is certified free but it cannot give you that much ease. Also, you can find most trouble in adding your contacts and finding possible customers through them. This can take too much work for one to accomplish. Also, you will not be able to maintain the anonymity of those whom you have sent the emails to as all the addresses will appear in the message.

Email Marketing Agency

For personal emails as well, there may not be those services that allow you to send emails at a scheduled time. This may not really matter for some, but it sure is a good add on if it is available. In a mass email program or software, you will be able to send emails without the worry of the email addresses appearing in the message.

For this, there are a lot of providers available out there. You just need to choose which ones you want to have or use. To be sure about the services that they provide, you can have their free trials. This can include the actual experience on what you can get with their services. After the free trial period, you will be able to use the service only if you are able to find credits. This will mean that you need to eventually pay for a fee. It may not really be free but you can find those that are of affordable prices.

Free email marketing will still require you to brainstorm on what will be included in the message that you will send. There are several choices that you can choose from. You can try and look at other companies’ works. This can give you a good idea about what is good and what is trashy. Either for paid or free services, you will go through the same subscription process. You will need a valid email address and a password. You just fill up a form that will need this information. And an activation email will be sent to you. After you have verified your account, you may be able to use your account right away, if this is allowed.

Even for free email marketing, you can be able to attract customers and expand advertisement of your business.